Early Spring?

The other morning after a storm, I visited a local park to take photos of the snowfall on the nearby mountains. I got a little side-tracked with the birds, and then I noticed there were little hints of spring everywhere–lots of buds and a few sparse flowers blooming. The contrast between spring buds, dormant plants, green grass and trees, and snow was intriguing. I am sharing a couple of my shots here for Cee’s photo challenge – Flower of the Day (FOTD).

The birds certainly think it’s spring; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

A couple of Western Redbuds on an early spring plant; captured with 300mm DLSR lens.

I have learned that in southern California, the only way to guarantee shots of snow on the mountains (before it melts), is to go out early. (In fact, as I write this, a lot of the snow has melted.) I ventured out to my park early in the morning, when it was still cold, but after all of the storm clouds had cleared. It was beautiful but also quite challenging to capture the right light.

Early morning view of San Bernardino peak with fresh snow; captured with 50mm DSLR lens.

After a little trial-and-error with the lighting, the only thing I could do was stand next to a shade tree on the hillside. The snow was so fresh, but the sun was also very bright.

Green park and a few flowers, with San Bernardino peak in background; captured with 70mm DLSR lens.

More flowers and hints of spring, with snow-capped mountain in background; captured with 50mm DSLR lens.

Early buckbrush flowers dot the hillside, hinting that spring is around the corner; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

New Marah (manroot) flowers blooming next to remnants from last season; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

Contrast between Golden Flowering Currant blossoms and winter; captured with 70mm DSLR lens.

Close-up of Golden Currant blossoms; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

I love being out in nature and finding contrasts in it. It helps to have my camera with me, although I think a few people that passed me on the trails thought I was crazy. It sure was cold enough, and I was the only one with a camera poking around the trees, bushes, and hillside.

Fresh snow blowing around the top of San Gorgonio Mountain; captured with 70mm DSLR lens.

Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend!

Published by Dawn Palmer

I am an avid nature and ecology lover and enjoy sharing my photography in my blog writings. I will often be out early in the morning or late in the evening with my camera, trying to capture the peacefulness and beauty around me.

12 thoughts on “Early Spring?

  1. You are teaching me about the flowers and highlighting the beauty of the coming spring with gorgeous pictures! So nice to be in California! I wonder what other flowers will appear soon.

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