Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193: Birthdays

This week, John from Journeys with Johnbo is hosting LAPC #193, celebrating birthdays (including his!). My birthday was only a month ago and still fresh in my memory. I have shared quite a few of those photos with you in recent blog posts, but here is one more at the top of this post from Pismo Beach, California. I am fortunate that my birthday falls near my favorite time of year–spring–and I usually get to travel and enjoy the weather. Here are some of my more memorable birthday trips…

Last year, my husband and daughter surprised me with an annual pass to the San Diego Zoo (yes–that’s why you see so many photos from there!). I hated wearing a mask, but loved the reservation system and the fact that there were no crowds. My favorite polar bears were very active on this day.

As I said, I usually get to travel. We did not venture far when there was a lockdown, but I still went outside. I was able to hike in Sedona for my birthday in 2020. Especially during the pandemic, the best time to hike in Sedona is very early, even during the week!

Hiking in Sedona, Arizona, provides a great backdrop for photos.

Plenty of peaceful vistas can be found while hiking in Sedona, Arizona.

I definitely like my animals, though, as I found a lot of photos from zoos on my birthdays. This next photo is my favorite from a birthday trip to the World Wildlife Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona. A baby giraffe got out of his enclosure and came up to me at the secondary fence; I did not zoom in on him in this photo. It wasn’t a quality shot–but a memorable one–because I was trying to watch the baby while my husband ran for help.

Baby giraffe steps over primary fence and walks up to secondary fence; World Wildlife Zoo, Arizona.

Baby, mom, and sister giraffes all trying to figure out how to get baby back over the fence.

The next day, we took a drive east of Phoenix, where I was trying to photograph wildflowers. Instead, I came across wild horses.

Wild horses in Arizona; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

Male wild horse not far from his group; captured in Arizona with 300mm DSLR lens.

Celebrating my birthday with a day trip to photograph the start of spring in the desert; captured with 50mm DSLR lens.

Salt River flows through desert east of Phoenix at the beginning of spring; captured with 50mm DSLR lens.

One of my birthdays was particularly memorable, when I got the keys to my new house on my birthday. We had everyone over and we watched the sunset and hot air balloons from my yet-to-be-finished backyard.

Birthday sunset over western Arizona sky.

Other times, being a mom came first. I have taken my kids to plenty of sporting events on my birthday, but I didn’t mind.

My daughter at Xterra trail race start line–bright and early on my birthday.

At the end of the day, my family always finds a way to make my birthday special, and I am happy to be with the ones I love. Sometimes, as a bonus, we take trips a little later and still celebrate.

Yosemite National Park with view of El Capitan and Half Dome; captured with 50mm DSLR lens.

Here’s to many more birthdays to all of you! May your special day be peaceful.

Published by Dawn Palmer

I am an avid nature and ecology lover and enjoy sharing my photography in my blog writings. I will often be out early in the morning or late in the evening with my camera, trying to capture the peacefulness and beauty around me.

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193: Birthdays

  1. I see you like to travel on your birthday as well! Beautiful shots of Sedona, for sure. Nice catch on the wild horses, and it’s always fun to take photos at the zoo. Thanks for participating in my birthday challenge, Dawn!

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  2. You have had some special birthdays to remember! Especially liked the wayward baby giraffe. Always a challenge being a mom! Glad to see your family enjoys celebrating with you and going awesome places.

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