Lens-Artists Challenge: Remembering the Humorous Times

John of John’s Space hosts this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge #196 – Humor. I appreciate his topic–I think that there’s too much seriousness out there right now. It is good to remember the humorous times and find ways to smile. And if you notice a trend with my photos, most of them that I consider a little funny or cause me to smile will have to do with animals. Some have funny poses, like the duck in the first photo or this lemur below, while others are just doing silly things.

Ring-tailed lemur meditating in the sun at San Diego Zoo, California; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

Other animals, like this orangutan trying to grab all of the burlap blankets and a tuft of grass and pine needles for her platform sanctuary, are simply innocent in their play (unless you consider the fact that she was trying to keep her treasures from the others!). I can usually count on the orangutans to make me laugh.

I’m not sure what she is trying to do here, but this orangutan’s idea for the hole in the edge of her burlap blanket was hilarious. I wish I could have seen her face.

Here’s another example of me trying to photograph animals at the zoo. These elephants just would not cooperate. Every time I tried to take a picture, they would turn away. I almost wondered if they were doing it on purpose. Everyone around me started to think the same, and pretty soon we were all laughing. In the end (haha), the elephants lined up for a unique pose. I think the one with her trunk in a treat box and the one with his hind legs crossed were pretty cute.

The San Diego Safari Park elephants’ idea of posing for a picture; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

My pets can make me laugh, too. Sometimes, I try to put on my mad face or try to hide my smile when they’re in trouble–but you can see from this photo that it is hard not to laugh.

Yellow lab, Daisy, (yes, she is supposed to be yellow!) thinks she is coming inside after finding a mud puddle post-monsoon storm.

Our current dog, Kylo Ren, has always been a little character. This photo is of his favorite pose–staring out into the distance. We have a view fence in our new house, too; as a two-year-old, Kylo still stands up on the fence ledge to get a view. He almost never barks; he just stares.

Kylo taking a break from playing to stare out into the distance (I think there were people or dogs in the yards way down the hill).

Sometimes, humans are funny as well. I found these photos of my son’s college graduation and birthday in my archives. He graduated in 2015 (hence the year on the cake) only a couple of days before his twenty-third birthday. We also had a birthday cake the day prior for my husband–busy week! Everyone was sick of cake by the time my son’s birthday hit. We decided to be funny and continue using the graduation cake, because, as luck would have it, no one had eaten the “20” part of the cake yet. I put three candles over the “0”, so it basically was a “twenty-three” on the cake. I can be creative–check out his recycled birthday cake and his reaction. It still makes me laugh now (and I’m glad he thought it was funny).

Ok, now back to my furry animals. I recently created a meme for my proofreading business using one of the photos I took. Even in business, I try to remember to be humorous.

Visit my proofreading site for more info: Proofreading at Dawn.

I hope the remainder of your week is peaceful and makes you smile.

Published by Dawn Palmer

I am an avid nature and ecology lover and enjoy sharing my photography in my blog writings. I will often be out early in the morning or late in the evening with my camera, trying to capture the peacefulness and beauty around me.

17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: Remembering the Humorous Times

  1. HA! GREAT selections! Bottoms up, ducky! That lemur reminds me of a politician or sea captain. Love the elephants, crossed-legs patiently waiting, and puppy gazing into the distance, meditating perhaps. I like ’em all!

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