Summer Solstice

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. Some cultures probably celebrate summer solstice with a little more pageantry, but my idea of celebrating summer is to go to the beach and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Crystal Cove State Beach on a beautiful, partly gloomy summer solstice (photo credit: Dawn Palmer, 2021).

I was fortunate enough to catch an amazing sunset with its own pageantry on the longest day of the year. I was a bit hesitant as I drove towards the coastline, since I could see the clouds lifting up over the ridge. Usually, clouds on the ridge line signal a gloomy, foggy beach. But, once I was down at the beach, there were spots of brilliant sunlight highlighting Newport Bay, and bright beams of red and orange sun rays shone through the palm trees in the distance. I could not have thought of a better way to celebrate the start of summer in Southern California.

I hope all of you have a wonderful summer, and I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures. Please share your photos and stories in the comments below! I will be posting more summer adventures with everyone soon.

Published by Dawn Palmer

I am an avid nature and ecology lover and enjoy sharing my photography in my blog writings. I will often be out early in the morning or late in the evening with my camera, trying to capture the peacefulness and beauty around me.

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