Baby Giraffe Welcomed to the Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of my favorite places to hang out when I am not out taking photos of wild animals and nature. I really like the fact that SD Zoo focuses on conservation and participates in worldwide research to save plants and animals. You can tell there is a focus on ecology and that the animals here are really cared for; it does not depress me to see them here, unlike some zoos.

My visit to SD Zoo last weekend provided me with a unique treat – Saba, one of the giraffes, gave birth to a female five days prior. She is my height at 5’10”, barely poking over the fence, and is so new that she does not have a name yet.

Newborn female giraffe (birthday 11-29-21) at San Diego Zoo.

I generally make my way over to the giraffe exhibit whenever I visit, because I like to see the young giraffes. Two of the juvenile males and a female were separated from Saba and her baby, and once “young” and “small”, now they seem large in comparison.

In fact, when Baby stands behind her mom, you can really tell just how small she is, compared to the other giraffes. I also love how the spots on Baby camouflage with Saba’s spots — a perfect trait to protect giraffes!

Saba seems to be doing great as a mom and was doting on Baby, or at least, staying nearby.

Baby is already walking around her pen on her own — something most four-legged mammals need to do in order to survive.

I hope you get a chance to see Saba, her baby, and the other giraffes at the San Diego Zoo, but if not, then I hope I am able to share a little piece of their cuteness with you.

Saba’s newborn female calf at San Diego Zoo.

Here is a link to a video taken shortly after the birth (it is on Facebook):

San Diego Zoo – Baby Alert

Check back soon for more exciting photos of some of my favorite exhibits at the San Diego Zoo! In the meantime, here are some of my previous posts:

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5 thoughts on “Baby Giraffe Welcomed to the Zoo

  1. To be able to see and experience the baby giraffe at such a young age is a great gift! We have to appreciate the zoo keepers that dedicate their time and talents to ensuring that the animals are preserved for all to see in the future. Nice pictures!


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