FOTD – Hummingbirds and Foliage

Amazilia hummingbird from South America.

I was able to capture a few very interesting (and beautiful) hummingbirds in the hummingbird sanctuary at the San Diego Zoo, using a 300mm DSLR lens — the hummingbirds are fast! I’m including these photos as part of Cee’s Photo of the Day Challenge – Flower of the Day (FOTD), since the birds are hidden amongst the palm fronds and banana leaves.

Amazilia hummingbird; normally found in forests between the Andes and Pacific Coast in Peru and Ecuador.

This is not a hummingbird I would ever see in my backyard! I cannot tell if it is male or female, but he/she is fairly large and showing off for the camera.

Amazilia hummingbird at San Diego Zoo.

Here is another very interesting hummingbird — Costa’s hummingbird. He was much smaller than the amazilia hummingbird and had bright purple markings. I have seen these at the beach in southern California at certain times of the year; they’re hard to capture on camera.

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