FOTD – March 3, 2022: Mystery Flower Blooms

I have this one, lonely bulb that sprouted in my garden, which I introduced in a previous blog. Well, it has finally bloomed! Some of you guessed it was a daffodil. I think it is a form of a narcissus, but definitely different than the daffodils I shared in another one of my previous blogs. I am excited this yellow flower survived our freak snow storm and decided to bloom; I am sharing for Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) and Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) – Macro or Close-up Objects.

Single narcissus flower blooming; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

Close-up of narcissus bloom; captured with 300mm DSLR lens.

Published by Dawn Palmer

I am an avid nature and ecology lover and enjoy sharing my photography in my blog writings. I will often be out early in the morning or late in the evening with my camera, trying to capture the peacefulness and beauty around me.

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