Lens-Artists Challenge #234: Nature’s Messages

For this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge – Messages, Donna of Wind Kisses challenges us to share photos that have a particular message. At the end of the day, all nature photos are meaningful to me–some having more of a message than others. Here are few of my more recent nature photos that I think spark more thought.

Here’s a sign that I am about to land in paradise; flying into Oahu, Hawaii.

Sometimes, paradise is lost. On my fall trip to Yosemite National Park, California, I was saddened when I saw the damage from the recent fires that ripped through the region. This is definitely a result of the major drought and extremely dry, hot weather. The area used to be a dense forest canopy and very green; I am grateful I’ve seen the area before it was destroyed by fire.

A sign that California is deeply affected by climate change, hotter weather, and drought; forest burned down around Yosemite National Park, California.

Another result of climate change is the opposite extreme–flooding. California has received record amounts of rain and snow for the past month. The beaches are eroding away, and here at Crystal Cove State Beach, the usual little lagoon that sits way in the back off the beach became a flowing creek and then a river. A day or two after I took this photo, the road at the top of this photo collapsed.

A sign that erosion is imminent at Crystal Cove State Beach, California, after heavy rains; a couple days after this photo, road collapsed (right of center, where erosion in cliff can be seen).

But even between storms, the coast can be peaceful. This was the view over Dana Harbor, California, during our thirtieth anniversary dinner. Seeing this vista makes me appreciate the nature around us.

A sign that nature can still be peaceful in between storms; view from Chart House over Dana Harbor, California.

Even the animals know when it’s time to enjoy nature. This is my second winter in this home, and I’m starting to see that certain birds love to stop over at my yard’s waterfall during their migration. It’s quite entertaining to watch, and now I know that when I see western blue birds, robins, and cedar waxwings appear in the waterfall, it is a sign that winter is here.

At the end of the day, I love being out in nature and capturing its beauty with my camera. Fires, floods, and colder temperatures remind me to appreciate everything in front of me right now. The earth is sending us a message in the form of more extreme weather and loss of habitat, but there are also signs that nature is still something that should be cherished.

Sunset in paradise (Waikiki, Hawaii)–a sign that another beautiful day is over, with the promise of more to come.

I hope everyone has a peaceful week! Aloha!

Published by Dawn Palmer

I am an avid nature and ecology lover and enjoy sharing my photography in my blog writings. I will often be out early in the morning or late in the evening with my camera, trying to capture the peacefulness and beauty around me.

19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #234: Nature’s Messages

  1. Nature is Nature, always has been and will always be.

    Forest fires were happening millions of years before humans ever crawled out of the ocean.
    The same with erosion. It’s how our world has been formed. Mountains push up and form ,only to be eroded down after millions of years.
    The impact upon our world by our species is basically because of our numbers. Climate change is not the problem,It’s a side effect of our sheer numbers and our numbers are only going up…..so you can take a guess as what to expect in the coming years Dawn.
    Enjoy what you have.

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  2. Yes, nature should always be cherished. I can really appreciate your photo of Yosemite as we were there just a few months ago. Sad. It IS interesting to see how nature takes care of itself with the first flowers, and saplings. It just takes a long time. I have loved seeing Mt. St. Helens come back after total devastation.

    I love all the ocean pics, and thought it was a great idea to include the message about flying into Oahu. But my favorite two are the ones where you have created a sanctuary for the local birds, Or maybe a bird spa…so to speak. Very nice. Thanks for joining in. And PS. What a nice place to spend your 30th.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed! 😊 I forgot about Mt St Helens…that’s a good reminder that nature does heal. And yes, the little waterfall is a total animal sanctuary…birds, squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks, and coyotes all visit it. Quite entertaining.
      Thanks for hosting…it’s been fun looking for messages in nature. 😎

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  3. There is beauty in nature even among the disasters. It makes you appreciate what you see, hear, and experience when you take à walk, sit by à waterfall, smell the flowers, feel the wind, and watch the birds fly. We need to try to preserve the beauty around us for as long as we can and enjoy these moments.

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    1. I agree! The fire damage was sad because I remember how it used to look, but some of the burnt trees had some neat patterns. I know it will slowly renew. Some areas with old fires had green ground cover. Either way, best to enjoy while you can!


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