Lens-Artists Challenge #207: Reflections

This week, Jez hosts Lens-Artists Challenge – Seeing Double, where he challenges us to share our photos of reflections. It’s easy to find reflections around us, and since I love nature photography, I dug through my water photos for this week’s challenge. I am also sharing for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere challenge, since these goContinue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #207: Reflections”

Lens-Artists Challenge #186 – Low-Light

This week, Sofia of Photographias is hosting Lens-Artists Challenge (LAPC) #186 – Low-Light. As an enthusiast of sunrises (dawn!) and sunsets, I have a lot of low-light photos. I am still learning how to manually adjust my DLSR camera and my iPhone Pro Max to utilize the low light in the best way, so IContinue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #186 – Low-Light”

Double-Dipping: LAPC #181, Cellpic Sunday, WWE, and Weekend Sky #51: Local Parks

Most of my trips outdoors involve some type of photos of the sky, so when I found Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky photo challenge, I thought it was a perfect match for the thousands of sky photos I have collected. I want to put myself out there more and share more of my photos, so IContinue reading “Double-Dipping: LAPC #181, Cellpic Sunday, WWE, and Weekend Sky #51: Local Parks”