Water in the Desert

I know we are in a drought in the southwest US–a pretty extreme one at that. However, the drought is just a symptom of the bigger picture, which is climate change. Here is some recent and startling evidence that supports the world has gone crazy. On our way from Southern California to Las Vegas, Nevada,Continue reading “Water in the Desert”

Lens-Artists #211: My Photographic Groove

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC), Anne asks us to share photos that display our photographic groove–the area of photography that we love. Like Anne, it took me a while to figure this out. I used to take photos of just about anything and everything. Well, that can be overwhelming and doesn’t help whenContinue reading “Lens-Artists #211: My Photographic Groove”

Lens-Artists Challenge #207: Reflections

This week, Jez hosts Lens-Artists Challenge – Seeing Double, where he challenges us to share our photos of reflections. It’s easy to find reflections around us, and since I love nature photography, I dug through my water photos for this week’s challenge. I am also sharing for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere challenge, since these goContinue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #207: Reflections”